Client Feedback.

A really valuable workshop that demonstrated the depth of possible media talent in our organization and how we can use that talent to our advantage.  Ann did a great job holding the attention of our people, helping them shape their media messages and build their communication skills. She explained concepts clearly, effectively and gave constructive […].. Read More
Ann’s media training workshop was fantastic and I felt it was very well pitched to suit my needs. Ann provided really great video examples and easy-to-follow frameworks. I came out with more confidence to deal with the media. wouldn’t change a thing… Read More
Ann was great – direct, knowledgeable, and very engaging with her teaching. I came in with very little confidence about talking to the media and left the session with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to do an effective media interview… Read More
Ann has a wealth of media industry knowledge and experience and was very open to sharing real, professional insights. I was nervous about doing media interviews, but Ann helped build my skills and confidence during the session and showed me how to share my key messages in a credible, engaging way. Her insightful, practical feedback  […].. Read More
Ann gave great practical advice and easy-to-apply frameworks that underscored the importance of interview planning and preparation. The hands-on interview practice was challenging (in a good way!)  and Ann’s insightful feedback was invaluable. I learned some great key messaging skills that I can also use in B2B communication and I now feel so more confident […].. Read More
Ann knows the ‘ media game’ and can help maximize your exposure through having inside knowledge on what journalists are looking for and how to ensure that you elicit every bit of your return on investment out of the print, radio, or television piece… Read More
With Ann you’re in such good hands – it’s rare to have access to someone with her depth of industry knowledge and hands-on experience. The combination is absolutely priceless, providing practical insight and inspiration, and I’d heartily recommend that you invest in her services today… Read More
I rang Ann from a taxi to the airport to ask for help with fast-track coaching on how to get the best out of a live-to-air ABC TV interview that was doing the next day. Immediately after the interview, I was contacted by a number of industry decision-makers and a large consulting firm and have since have secured new business as a direct result. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ann, especially .. Read More

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