Dr Jennifer Stevens ScriptWise, St Vincents Hospital

Ann Buchner saved my bacon! I was asked to do a media interview at very short notice having never done any media before. I rang Ann and she arranged for me to have a crash course the same day.

With her journalistic experience in the media industry and as a highly experienced media trainer, Ann was able to take me through the process of how both radio and TV interviews work. I swiftly learned how to frame my story, pull out the essential “news-worthy” angles, then deliver those elements so my most important points would be the ones that made it to air or to print.

Ann also taught me the skills to deliver an engaging, confident interview on camera. It is amazing how much more effectively you perform when you understand the rules of engagement!

Even if you are an expert in your own field, being asked to do an interview can feel like you are walking into an environment where you are the novice. Ann rapidly helped me feel confident across all forms of media. I delivered my message well that first day and now really enjoy interviews and I am regularly approached by the media for comment.

Media training was never on my list of essential skills until I had stories that I wanted to tell. Now I fall back on the skills Ann taught me every time I interview.

I highly recommend her courses.

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