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I was in Tasmania on a film shoot when I was called by ABC TV and asked if I could be at the Sydney studios by 11 am the next morning for a live interview on their weekend business program. I rang Ann from a taxi to the airport to ask for help with fast-track coaching on how to get the best out of the ABC TV  opportunity.
I was being interviewed about a complex set of media reforms, film tax rebates, and the opportunities and threats presented by streaming services entering the Australian market. Ann was fantastic at guiding me on how to simplify the key messages I wanted to convey, whilst at the same time ensuring the more complex ideas and opinions were not lost.
She provided a set of techniques that I was able to apply when it came to responding to questions that were expected, as well as the questions I couldn’t anticipate. As soon as the interview began, I felt far more confident than I would have been without Ann’s support, and throughout the interview, was able to easily communicate those key messages and concepts.
Immediately after the interview, I was contacted by a number of industry decision-makers and a large consulting firm and have since have secured new business as a direct result. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ann, especially where there is a short time frame to prepare for any form of engagement with the media.
See Marcus Gillezeau interview with ABC The Business show here…..

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