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Are you keen to build a media profile for yourself, your brand, your business and be known as an innovator and leader in your industry, but don’t how to navigate the complex new media landscape?

In this fast-paced 24/7 digital news cycle, sharing your story is more important than ever.

These days you need to show up on print, radio, TV, podcasts, online and social media.

To nail an interview in any  format, on any platform, you need clarity on your message, the confidence to share it, and the skills to build connection, so your audience will hear what you have to say.

Those skills are not always innate, but don't worry...they can be developed, and I’m here to do that with you.

As media trainer, communication coach, TV journalist and video content producer, I’ll help you build the skills and the confidence to face the media and connect with your audience with credibility and authenticity.


  • Bespoke, practical and hands on media training and mentoring, tailored for your specific needs.
  • Interactive, on-camera interview experience.
  • Fun and flexible coaching delivered face to face, online or via blended learning.

If you are a business leader, entrepreneur or innovator and have a story to share….

Media & Communication Coach / Journalist / Video Content Producer

I specialise in helping you share your unique stories and leverage the power of the media to grow your brand and profile.

Making the news for the right reasons is your ticket to free, positive publicity and the best way to reach your most important clients and your community.

The media is hungry for great stories… your stories.    

If you know how to approach & win them over, they will share your thoughts, ideas and insights with the people who need to hear it most.

As an award-winning journalist, media trainer, communication coach and video content producer, I have decades of experience in playing the media game…. inside knowledge that I want to share with you.

I will show you strategies to help you navigate the new media landscape and teach you a simple, proven step-by-step system to deal with the media and nail a great interview with confidence, clarity and control.

Discover your most newsworthy angles, learn the tips and tricks of pitching your story to journalist and hone the media interview skills you need to tell your story in concise, compelling and engaging way.

Through one on one coaching or small group training workshops tailored specifically for your individual needs, you will discover how to…

  • Build positive relationships with the media and understand what journalists want from you
  • Find your most newsworthy story angles
  • Pitch your story to journalists and work the news cycle
  • Use simple tools and frameworks to create attention grabbing quotes and memorable sound bites
  • Build your skills and confidence to nail a great interview, every time
  • Speak with credibility and authenticity
  • Manage unexpected or tough questions 
  • Stay calm, in control and push your agenda
  • Become the go-to media expert in your field
  • Build your media profile and strengthen your brand,

Want to find out how you can leverage the power of the media?


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