I’m a natural-born storyteller with decades of experience as an award-winning journalist, media and communications coach and video content producer.

And I’d love to share my knowledge and skills with you to help you build a media profile and make the most of any media opportunity.

My own back-story has a few plot twists of its own.

I originally trained as a scientist, not a journalist, working in bioscience research at one of Australia’s leading universities. But I found myself more fascinated by the stories coming out of the labs, than doing the hands-on research itself.

So, I had to decide, shall I wear my lab coat forever, or follow my curiosity and love of stories?

Storytelling won.

I chose the path of a journalism because I wanted to share the wonderland of science and technology… the incredible breakthroughs and innovative research being done behind the scenes, that is transforming our lives and our world today

Give me a complex, tricky or sensitive subject and I’ll find the gold in it.

I believe no subject is too hard or too technical to share with your audience, as long you make it engaging and understand what journalists and audiences want to hear from you.

I developed my story-telling skills as a science journalist, travelling the world for the internationally acclaimed TV program Beyond 2000 and bringing innovation, breakthroughs, and scientific curiosities to audiences around the globe.

I honed my craft in broadcast television at Channel Nine, filing stories for Getaway, Business Sunday, The Small Business Show and the iconic Sunday program, working alongside some of the biggest names in the Australian TV industry.

Storytelling was the heart of these shows, from breaking news, to weekly current affairs, business and finance and lifestyle programs, I was involved with them all.

In the last decade or so, I’ve also worked for Fox, CNN and Discovery Channel and filmed documentaries in Japan, South Korea and China for international audiences.

Along the way I’ve picked up skills and qualifications in executive coaching, adult learning and workplace training and assessment and corporate video production.

I now regularly media-train senior executive spokespeople and industry leaders in the finance, science, environment, health, banking, and community sectors.

My skilful training, supportive coaching and broadcast media story telling skills, has helped my client build media profiles and deliver complex, technical and often highly sensitive information in a relatable, engaging and highly strategic way.

That deep experience, skill and industry knowledge has now been channelled into the business you’ve found today.

How can I help?

Building strong, positive relationships with the media and becoming known in the industry as “good talent” can turbo-charge your profile.

But you may be unsure how to build that connection with journalists and audiences.

You may even fear the media and concerned about how you’ll be portrayed.

These fears are pretty common, and also easy to address.

You simply need a guide.

Someone who knows what makes a journalist tick, understands what makes a news-worthy story, and can give you an easy-to-follow framework to nail the perfect interview.

To be great media talent, you need clarity on your story, the confidence to share it, and the skills to build connection, so your audience cares about what you have to say.

Those skills are not always innate, but don’t worry, they can be developed quickly, and I’m here to do that with you.

Let’s connect and explore which of my services is the best for you.

“I received a call up at short notice from ABC TV and Ann helped me build a highly targeted media pitch and prepare quickly to go in front of the camera. I was featured on Q+A and the piece ended up being quoted on BBC4 in the UK!”


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All my services are bespoke and are tailored to your specific needs, so lets chat about how I can help you make the most of every media opportunity.

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